Film star Bill Murray apologises after 'you morons' golf course huff

Hollywood star Bill Murray sent an apology to an STV reporter after a grumpy reaction to his questions at St Andrews

The Lost in Translation star refused to chat with sports reporter Tyrone Smith as he limbered up on the course ahead of the Pro-Am rounds of the Dunhill Links Championship.

The 62-year-old actor felt it was Groundhog Day, having just been asked questions by another media man who he described as a “moron”.

The leading man of Ghostbusters, Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums said that he just wanted to concentrate on his game.

However, the veteran comedy star was later taken with guilt for the scene and wanted to apologise to the STV North reporter.

He found a pen and paper and wrote a polite apology for asking Tyrone why he was not doing something else rather than bothering him. It read: "Dear sir, I am sorry. Bill Murray."

Tyrone laughed the incident off and said: “Of course I accept Bill’s apology.

“It’s all water under the Swilcan Bridge now.”

Bill Murray's letter of apology to STV's Tyrone Smith