Fans speak: Craig Levein's Scotland future, cause for optimism, who next?

Scotland manager Craig Levein.
Craig Levein's future is in doubt after back-to-back defeats against Wales and Belgium.SNS Group

Scotland's loss in Belgium didn't come as a surprise to the Tartan Army faithful.

The knives though are out for Craig Levein after a disastrous start to the 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign.

Two points from the first four games leave the national team with next to no chance of making it to Brazil.

But has there been anything to be encouraged about? What should happen next? If Levein goes, who should replace him?

We've been asking your views on Twitter and you've been replying in your hundreds.

Thanks to everyone who replied, here's a small selection of what was said.

  1. STVGrant
    1) Have you seen anything across Scotland's four World Cup qualifying games to give you any cause for optimism?
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:07:28
  2. OffendedCulture
    @STVGrant No. We have a squad capable of at least challenging for qualification but it isn't being utilised properly. Definite no for that.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:08:54
  3. MartinBoath
    @STVGrant yes. For the most part this is the best collection of players we've had in a long time, mostly all playing at a high level
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:11:44
  4. Jinky20073
    @STVGrant Steven Fletcher and Kris Commons back in the squad/ the end!
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:09:16
  5. james_stewart13
    @STVGrant Yes, I think underneath it all we have a strong team except at full back. Our strength is midfield forward and we should use that
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:09:30
  6. SK1N1873
    @STVGrant Not 1 thing! No positivity not tryin to win games trying to be solid and trying to nick goals is not good enough! Got to attack.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:10:29
  7. Stuarty2112
    @STVGrant Yes. Some good individual performances, the return of the Fletchers and decent set piece work in defense...
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:10:41
  8. CelticNewsAtTen
    @STVGrant Yes. There is a good squad of players all playing well at a very high club level. Also a lot of good young players
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:10:48
  9. KajunFirefly
    @STVGrant 1) Yes. We have a talented team, however our midfield balance has never been right. Let down by subs that were wrong/too late.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:11:04
  10. johnnycobalt
    @STVGrant Allan McGregor's form has convinced me that Craig Gordon's injuries and lack of employment aren't the blow I thought they'd be
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:14:39
  11. sbrydon23
    @STVGrant Mcgregor, the return of S Fletcher, playing with 2 proper wide men & the inclusion of youngsters Rhodes and Forrest in squads.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:14:25
  12. StuPollock1
    @STVGrant Yes, we scored a goal. Woo.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:13:22

On to question two...

  1. STVGrant
    2) Should Craig Levein go? What in particular has convinced you he isn't the man for the job? Or do you think we should stick with him?
  2. BobbyMalk
    @STVGrant go. His tactics. His stubbornness. His delusion. His media comments. The fact he cant win a game. His fault we missed PO last time
  3. CelticNewsAtTen
    @STVGrant Yes should go. Hasnt produced with the best squad in years. It also took the T Army to get him to bring on Rhodes
  4. CanOnlyBeOne_
    @STVGrant Only 3 wins, the 4-6-0 farce, poor tactics, poor selection, awful man management. The list goes on.......And yes he should go
  5. Stuarty2112
    @STVGrant No point in sacking him now. Leave it till the end of qualifying, try some things, new blood, tactics etc...
  6. elliotsmith93
    @STVGrant he should go 'cause he has a worse record than George Burley and even Bertie. 2 points out of what were our easiest first 3 games
  7. rosshleach
    @STVGrant yes. Unable to impose the defensive organisation, general tactical nous, cutting edge and the ability to punch above our weight
  8. Rigadonson
    @STVGrant Yes. 140 characters not enough. The worst Scotland manager in history.
  9. mr_omnibus
    @STVGrant Yes. There has been no on the pitch improvement & the results have actually got worse.
  10. FitbaMadDad
    @STVGrant Yes. But only because the toxic atmosphere which now exists will do nothing to help our prospects. There's no way back for him.
  11. MartinBoath
    @STVGrant go. Tactics are dated, has no plan B to change a match and while the players 'respect' him, they don't go the extra mile for him

Finally, who next for the job?

  1. STVGrant
    3) If Levein goes, who should come in? And what would that man bring to the national team that Levein can't?
  2. BRI1972
    @STVGrant try something different.a young manager,even if hes foreign.its always the same way,a scottish coach with a bad recent history
  3. kerr_davidson
    @STVGrant I think Alex McLeish is the natural choice. He has shown he can manage a national team before and a bit of tactical knowledge
  4. jockmccruyff
    @STVGrant Wotte must use contacts, Reykyard for instance, set up a positive system to win games rather than going out not to lose! 4-3-3.
  5. Davidn90
    @STVGrant Billy Stark. He's done a good job with U21's and we could do worse. Between him and Walter Smith.
  6. aFootballMan
    @STVGrant I doubt there is a Scottish manager that can handle the job.
  7. davie047
    @STVGrant I think maybe joe Jordan could do a job worked with some good managers in past has good knowledge and passion for game
  8. LyndseyRose21
    @STVGrant I'm not liking all the Levein bashing from everyone... It will still mainly be the same team regardless of if he leaves or not.
  9. MikejMcDermott
    @STVGrant Someone who's not going to see it as a stepping stone job so an older guy who's done it all Someone who's tactically aware
  10. P_Livi
    @STVGrant Strachan. He'd get the best out of the players at his disposal which Levein has failed to do.
  11. CraigyBhoy88
    @STVGrant Strachan with Joe Jordan as number 2. Just look at Strachan at Celtic 3 leagues, a few cups and CL last 16 twice.
  12. iainmhepburn
    @STVGrant The right man for the job. That means not what pundits say, not what journos say, but a proper recruitment process.
  13. JayZivo
    @STVGrant Someone who is willing to have a go at team, play strikers, and not let his own stubborn pigheadedness get in the way of progress
  14. rosshleach
    @STVGrant Walter Smith. Politics dictate that he wont be. Strachan will be the man. Strachan will be everything Levein's wasnt
  15. TonyH1888
    @STVGrant Willie McStay and Billy Stark. Both vastly experienced coaches familiar willing to experiment and open to ideas.

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